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The SOUFLERIS company counts more than 4 decades in the industry of men's clothing. Since the opening of the first store back in 1974, it has become the chain with the most points of sale in Northern Greece.

Realizing the strong demand and the gap in the market οf plus size clothing, in 2007 we created the first store exclusively specialized in XXL sizes for men’s clothing, thus starting a new branch in the company, called KING SIZE. With a new brand and 4 stores, the subsidiary chain has an independent mission to cover with claims the special requirements of men in sizes from XL to 10XL.

The range of KING SIZE SOUFLERIS XXL stores offers pieces for every circumstance and moment in the life of the modern man. From athletic and jeanswear to casual chic and classic office wear, our clothing variety even covers formal and ceremony wear for special occasions.
Venizelou Outside

With the high quality fabrics and seams in the center of our attention, we import the best products found on the world market, from manufacturers with knowledge in the production and the specifics of plus size clothing, in terms of pattern, form and ease of movement.

With more than 10 years of experience in plus sizes retail through our network of physical stores, it was the right time at the end of 2016 to open an online store in order to align the company's development with the needs of all men nationwide, wearing XL and above.


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