Xanthi Outside

Our story begins back in 1975. In a particularly demanding market -that of Thessaloniki Greece- our first store is created, and because it stands out and is pioneering, is preferred by all the elegant men in the city of Thessaloniki. Soon other points of sale are being created, always devoted exclusively to men’s dressing.

So our chain gradually becomes at the beginning of the 21st century the one with the most shops in northern Greece, making the name “SOUFLERIS” synonymous of contemporary, qualitative and at the same time affordable men’s clothing. In this process, we received a clear perception that there was a large margin and demand for sizes bigger than XXL.

So in 2006, we created the first pilot shop in the center of Thessaloniki, exclusively with men’s oversized clothing. Success was immediate and sweeping, resulting to a new separate branch of the “SOUFLERIS” chain. It gets the totally matching name “KING SIZE”, specializes in sizes up to 10XL and writes new history pages in Greek fashion.

Currently, KING SIZE points of sale are now 5, with the growth taking place in Attica. The name “KING SIZE” has now been identified with large-size men’s fashion in Greece.

Our Vision

Enterprises, especially commercial companies, aim to satisfy some kind of demand and through this process to ensure their existence, and job positions in modern economies.

But VISION is what drives business to do the extra steps, and our own vision at KING SIZE is to draw new paths that come together to unite two opposing worlds. What are these opposites? On the one hand, the modern fashion that keeps getting tighter, betting on SLIM fits and lines and also the increasingly small sizes (favored also by the production of most clothes in Asian countries).

On the other hand, the body composition of the modern man in Western societies, where the average height and average weight in the last few decades is constantly increasing. So to this kind of man, we at KING SIZE are addressing to…..and that is our vision, for him to feel good with his body shape and not to feel rejected or left out. We want to give him all the look options that are available in small sizes.

Our biggest reward is when one of are satisfied customers says “thank you for being here”.


Our advantages

There are other companies dealing big size men’s clothing. So why should someone choose “KING SIZE SOUFLERIS”? What are our advantages?

First of all, we are the biggest company in our field, and that gives us the advantage that most of the producers in Europe and USA, prefer to cooperate exclusively with us in Greece, due to trust and good name. The garments that you can find in our stores are unique and you cannot find them anywhere else.

Our chain has 5 points of sale so you can easily find someone near you. These are truly beautiful and spacious stores decorated with expensive materials and fine taste. And even if you are far from all them, you can find excellent service in our outlet e-shop with thousands of garments in very good prices. Our e-shop is the best of it’s kind in Greece.

Our staff consists of excellent professionals who are well aware of their subject, and the products they propose. Their experience is very important as they have now served a very large number of customers over the last decade and are well aware of the particular requirements of men in big sizes.

Finally, if you want to dress really nice and you are a man of big proportions, then we are the easiest solution at “KING SIZE SOUFLERIS”. We are scouting the whole globe to offer you the best choices.