Our advantages
The only store in Greece exclusively for male superpowers

Our advantages

There are other companies dealing big size men’s clothing. So why should someone choose "KING SIZE SOUFLERIS"? What are our advantages?

- First of all, we are the biggest company in our field, and that gives us the advantage that most of the producers in Europe and USA, prefer to cooperate exclusively with us in Greece, due to trust and good name. The garments that you can find in our stores are unique and you cannot find them anywhere else.

- Our chain has 5 points of sale so you can easily find someone near you. These are truly beautiful and spacious stores decorated with expensive materials and fine taste. And even if you are far from all them, you can find excellent service in our outlet e-shop with thousands of garments in very good prices. Our e-shop is the best of it’s kind in Greece.

- Our staff consists of excellent professionals who are well aware of their subject, and the products they propose. Their experience is very important as they have now served a very large number of customers over the last decade and are well aware of the particular requirements of men in big sizes.

-Finally, if you want to dress really nice and you are a man of big proportions, then we are the easiest solution at "KING SIZE SOUFLERIS". We are scouting the whole globe to offer you the best choices.

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