Our story

Our story

Our story begins back in 1975. In a particularly demanding market -that of Thessaloniki Greece- our first store is created, and because it stands out and is pioneering, is preferred by all the elegant men in the city of Thessaloniki. Soon other points of sale are being created, always devoted exclusively to men's dressing.

So our chain gradually becomes at the beginning of the 21st century the one with the most shops in northern Greece, making the name "SOUFLERIS" synonymous of contemporary, qualitative and at the same time affordable men's clothing. In this process, we received a clear perception that there was a large margin and demand for sizes bigger than XXL.

So in 2006, we created the first pilot shop in the center of Thessaloniki, exclusively with men’s oversized clothing. Success was immediate and sweeping, resulting to a new separate branch of the "SOUFLERIS" chain. It gets the totally matching name "KING SIZE", specializes in sizes up to 10XL and writes new history pages in Greek fashion.

Currently, KING SIZE points of sale are now 5, with the growth taking place in Attica. The name "KING SIZE" has now been identified with large-size men's fashion in Greece.

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