Our vision
The only store in Greece exclusively for male superpowers

Our vision

Enterprises, especially commercial companies, aim to satisfy some kind of demand and through this process to ensure their existence, and job positions in modern economies.

But VISION is what drives business to do the extra steps, and our own vision at KING SIZE is to draw new paths that come together to unite two opposing worlds. What are these opposites? On the one hand, the modern fashion that keeps getting tighter, betting on SLIM fits and lines and also the increasingly small sizes (favored also by the production of most clothes in Asian countries).

On the other hand, the body composition of the modern man in Western societies, where the average height and average weight in the last few decades is constantly increasing. So to this kind of man, we at KING SIZE are addressing to.....and that is our vision, for him to feel good with his body shape and not to feel rejected or left out. We want to give him all the look options that are available in small sizes.

Our biggest reward is when one of are satisfied customers says "thank you for being here".

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